Stanford Design Impact
Virtual Exhibition 2020
Despite the fact that our Design Studio (affectionately dubbed the ‘Loft’) is closed this quarter, the current Design Masters students (or ‘loftees’) will continue the popular tradition of presenting their work at our annual Reframe Exhibition...held virtually here! 
     While we believe in designing in teams to solve human-centered problems, Reframe is an opportunity for personal expression through a one-week, individual artistic sprint and conversation about creative process with the design community. 
     Join us for our live event kickoff on Friday, May 29th 6 – 6:30pm PST at this Zoom link. Explore each of the pieces displayed here. For each piece, click on “More details” to learn more about it, and click on “Meet the Artist” to join them in a Zoom room from 6:30 – 8pm. We look forward to seeing you here!